When most people think about the Mad River Valley, the beautiful mountains, the vibrant green and rural landscape comes to mind. Or the ski areas, road races, mountain biking, and other recreational activities. There is the lack of billboards, neon lights, and fast food joints. 

There's the significant focus on locally grown and processed food. And, we have a wonderful community of people that truly have each other's backs. 

What they may not be aware of is our very well established health and wellness community.

We have multiple yoga teachers here. You can get a massage and/or energy healing session at a variety of places, or have a bodyworker come to your home.

We have acupuncture treatments and herbal consultations, and even an herbal tea house. Need to talk to a therapist or a life coach? We've got those too. We even have equine life coaches.

There are three large organic farms in the Valley, one of which offers food and farm tours, four food festivals, farm to table dinners, as well as farm camps for kids. We have people who focus on diet and nutrition. 

There are hypnotherapists, art and sound therapists, mindfulness teachers, and weekly mediation and mindfulness groups. Physical therapists, doctors, and chiropractors round out our wellness offerings.

Some of us health and wellness business owners like to think of the Mad River Valley as the Sedona of the East, but maybe without the crystals. (We like crystals too-some of us even make jewelry with it.) 

We are home to the unusual phenomena of a river that runs north rather than south. There's something else unusual here...we have an energetic power center. What is this? According to the Geo Group of dowsers, 

At every point where ley lines enter the Earth (inshoots) and at approximately 70% of the nodes where ley lines leave the Earth (outshoots), there is a water spring. The ley-line inshoot or outshoot and accompanying water spring are the universal prerequisites for power centers. It is not just the water spring as suggested by Underwood or the ley line as suggested by Watkins, but the union of the two that determines the site selection of monuments.

Ley lines and water lines have fundamental similarities and differences. They both form a network of force fields over our planet and seem to affect human behavior, although in different ways. Ley lines originate from outside the Earth, while water springs originate from inside the Earth. Ley lines travel in straight tracks with 90-degree turns, while water lines are non-linear and circuitous...

The power center radiates a universal energy that affects consciousness and can also be influenced and changed by consciousness. In fact, as silt becomes sedimentary rock over time, strong human emotions experienced over time at a power center create layers of consciousness that future visitors can feel and experience.