The Wellness Alliance is a 501C3 nonprofit, and was created in 2016 when we  recognized the value of bringing practitioners and producers together—and increasing the  economic vitality of the Valley. Independent efforts -home-grown, whole-health efforts – were merged with the common mission of supporting each other and reaching the broad community as well as visitors.  Together, we offer our various modalities in a fused and focused environment—and participate in an annual Health and Wellness Expo. Together, we collaborate in a symbiotic trajectory that provides support, in-kind transfer of effort and talent…and a proud sense of belonging.

Vermont has been a refuge and vacation oasis since the later 1800s. Our Valley is remote, but the establishment of three ski areas eventually realized a resort and hospitality economy. Today, residents, newcomers and guests alike seek relaxation, rejuvenation and respite from the hectic pace and daily pressures of 21st Century realities. 

The Alliance serves to provide a portal for health and wellness offerings in the Valley and close by. 

Please be in touch with questions and queries.

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Annual Meeting at Jen Degen’s House • April 23, 2019